Dent Repair in Dallas

Classy Auto, Inc. is the 100% mobile dent repair crew that will rid your car of unsightly dents, dings, and damage for an affordable price. We specialize in paintless dent repair (PDR) and have all the advanced equipment and premium products to restore your vehicle’s flawless finish.

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Professional Paintless Dent Removal

Classy Auto, Inc. is a team of experienced automotive craftsmen with a love of cars and a keen eye for detail. We serve the Dallas area with mobile repairs for both minor and major cosmetic damage. Specializing in paintless dent repair, our certified technicians prefer this technique because it’s non-invasive, eco-friendly, and consistently delivers showstopping results. Our company has invested in state-of-the-art tools to provide our clients with factory-fresh finishes, all from the convenience of your home or business location.

Mobile Dent Removal

100% mobile, the convenience of our service is second to none. Forget the hassle of taking time out of your busy schedule to visit a shop—Classy Auto, Inc. comes to you. We own and operate service vehicles that are stocked with all the high-tech gizmos and gadgets we need to perform top-caliber repairs, even from your very own driveway.

Pro Dent Removal Services

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Our business is defined by unmatched precision, convenience, and affordability. Because we’re a mobile company, we’ve done away with many costly overhead charges that drive service fees up. As a result, we pass on extraordinary cost savings to our clients every day, and we can’t wait to prove it to you. Give us a call, risk-free, and request a quote. Or, submit a quote request online with photos of your car’s damages. We’ll calculate an accurate estimate of the repair’s total cost based on:

  • The size of the dent
  • The dent’s location on the vehicle
  • The number of dents, if there are more than one

No gimmicks. No guesswork. We respect our clients with transparent, upfront cost estimates, and we’ll never give you anything else.

Paintless Dent Removal: How it Works

PDR is a popular auto body repair technique that works by using pressure to massage out dents. The non-invasive strategy is preferred by professionals and customers alike as it works without compromising your car’s paint job.

Our in-house technicians are true masters of the trade. To start, we’ll carefully gain access to the backside of the dent. Depending on the location of the dent, this may involve inserting a tool through a window opening or removing exterior panels or taillights. Then, we’ll use a sophisticated light board tool to illuminate the dent’s shadows and inform us where to administer pressure for a seamless repair. Patiently and slowly (going too fast risks damage), we’ll massage the dent until it’s flush again.

You won’t believe the results!

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Don’t let dents and dings ruin your ride’s aesthetic appeal. Classy Auto, Inc. offers affordable repair services, completely mobile.

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