Auto Hail Repair in Dallas, Arlington and Plano

Classy Auto, Inc. auto repair specialists remove dents from your car, truck, or SUV. Protecting it from damages that might occur due to a hailstorm and other elemental outside influences. We offer seamless advanced paintless dent removal technology that will leave your vehicle looking like new again.

In the past, technicians repaired a dent by grinding it, smoothing the metal, and then applying filler. The area was then sanded, primed, and then repainted. The process was lengthy, toxic, and much more expensive. Today’s methods for repairing dents are much more efficient.

Our paintless dent repair specialist removes the dents from the underside of the metal. Restoring your vehicle to its perfect factory finish.

Dent Repair

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If your vehicle has hail damage or other damages caused by the weather, or maybe you have received a door ding while in the parking lot. Give us a call and send us your photos of the damage and we will give you a quote. Our paintless dent repair specialist are here to help!

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