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Yes. The most common mistakes we find is that the previous company does not take the time to completely clean the vehicle before inspection. This leads to dents being missed on the estimate, which costs the shop and company money.

A lot of Technicians/Hail Companies don’t have the experience to truly understand the dent matrix. Understanding the proper size of the dent makes all the difference in the world. Insurance companies will pay for excessive damage if they understand why. At Classy Auto we specialize in this. On a daily basis we write dents that are 4-8 Oversize on one dent, and then justify with the adjuster why we need that amount of money to make the repair. A lot of companies can’t PDR that kind of damage in the first place. We can, and we can have the insurance company gladly pay for it after truly understanding why. 

Circling the cars up properly gives the adjuster the reasons to pay you the damage that we are justifying. Simply put, most companies do not take the time and effort to really present the vehicle properly. On average this costs the bottom line of the ticket between $1000.00 to $1500.00 per vehicle! That’s a lot of missed gross profit! 

Paintless dent repair isn’t a method that requires a drastic change in your business model. Minimal space required to do the work and can easily be done in the shop. It only takes a few minutes to do during your detailing or painting phases, and it’ll just take a minute for you to speak with the customer, bring up the dents, and offer to repair them without any impact to the overall repair time.

Classy Auto does, at no charge to the shop or customer.

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Classy Auto has dedicated ourselves to becoming the premier leaders of Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)  and auto hail repair in DFW by changing the way typical claims are handled.

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